How can i get the crossover by function

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Hi ,

As per the screen shot, in the left grid whenever i select the y the the left grid should show the

same year start month and end month and if i select the y-1 ans week 44 the value then the right side grid should show the 2022 and 44 the week month +1 year

how can i achevie this in a simple way


  • @143kishornaidu

    Whatever I could understand - it is a typical filter driven grids, meaning you can have "Y" key and "44" key in filters and drive the grids using these filters.



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  • Hi,

    For this type of question I would have a SYSTEM module that maps Weeks to the Planning Window.

    In your example you could then use an IF statement to lookup the values for either Y or Y-1. Below are some screenshots of a simple example:

    SYSTEM module for weeks:

    INPUT module to set the planning week:

    CALCULATION module to work out the planning window:

    Hope this helps.