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Our Anaplan Workspace environment is DEV - Prod.

I have made changes to a process in Dev workspace. I need to move these changes to Prod Workspace. Here are the things I did.

  1. In Dev Workspace - Made changes for a process in a model.
  2. In Dev Workspace - Created a Revision Tag.
  3. In Prod Workspace - I used copy and Archive option to take a backup of the model.
  4. In Prod Workspace - I used the Compare and Sync option to move the changes from Dev to Prod.

I get the below error message.

No Compatible Models With Revision Tags Found

We couldn't find any source models to compare with the chosen target model. Both models must be structurally compatible and a more recent revision tag must exist in the source model.

How can I sync up the changes. Is there am I missing any steps in the process.

-- Selva.


  • ChrisStauffer
    edited January 2023

    those read like the correct steps. Do you have production lists set correctly?

  • @selvaam12

    Are you sure no one has changed anything in the Prod environment? A way to check this:

    • login to the Prod environment
    • go to the Revision Tag area and look to see if "Revert to Last Revision" is greyed out or not. If it is greyed out, then no changes have been made. If it is not greyed out, then someone has taken the model out of Deployed mode and has made changes.

  • @rob_marshall,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As mentioned, i went to the PROD WS. Revert to last version is greyedout.

    -- Selva.

  • @selvaam12

    When was the last time a sync occurred and was it from the current dev model?

  • @rob_marshall

    last sync was done in Oct 2022 from Dev WS.


  • @selvaam12

    Is the last revision in Production in the Dev model?

  • @selvaam12 feels like there's been a change to the prod model... i don't know if Support can see whether or not a model was taken out of deployed mode or not.

    Other thing to try would be to add in an empty module - call it Sync Test or something, do a revision and then sync it. Then remove it afterwards. Occasionally find that Anaplan doesn't recognise a change even though there has been one.