Create a New Development model from Production to make changes test and sync to Production


Hi All,

I want to create a copy of my Production Model from Workspace 1 to Workspace 2 and do some changes request by Biz and test the same. Once confirmed in the copy want to sync back the changes with help of ALM to the production model.

Kindly suggest a the best way to do the same.


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  • megha09
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    Hi @vikash1979,

    You can copy the Production Model and change its mode to Standard. Do the necessary changes and testing and then create a Revision tag and push it in your Production Model. You will get the option to select the workspace wherein you can select the workspace where your test model is and run the ALM.



  • @vikash1979

    Import the Production model from Workspace 1 to Workspace 2. Once copied you can start making changes in Dev and push the changes to WS2 to test.

    Or if you don't want to push it from Dev to WS2, you could take the new/copied model out of deployed mode in WS2 and start directly applying changes in it and test.

    Note: Import doesn't move the original model instead it copies it and moves the copied model from WS to another leaving the original model untouched.

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • Thanks @Misbah and @megha09 thanks was able to resolve the issue

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