Within Excel Add-In having an ability to customise elements on the fly


I'd love to this feature become available is an ability to create individual dimensionality intersections, similar to that of TM1 or Jedox. This is where the various element intersection points can be typed into the excel sheet and so long as that sheet is connected to Anaplan, will pull the data into Excel. This is also not dependent on a custom view but can be built on the fly by an Anaplan User.

I know that Anaplan is pushing for the use of its UX and I'm all for that in majority of use cases. But for very quick ad-hoc analysis without the need to do any major development or require a new view to be setup and deployed, giving the user the ability to build up different outputs based on the criteria, would be a major plus for Anaplan. They would simply type in the intersections into an Excel Sheet, connect it to the relevant Anaplan instance and module and refresh.

Eg As a Financial Analyst I want a breakdown of the Revenues by Product for the month of June 22.

Connection: Reporting Output Module (Anaplan)

Column A Column B Column C Column D

Product A Product B Product C

Time: Jun 22

Account: Total Revenue

Organisation: Total Company ABC

Line Item: Amount XX XX XX

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