Enable Keyboard shortcuts in NUX


Currently, the quick search (Ctrl + Shift + S) to look for an item in a grid from the old UX is not working in the new UX. Would be great to have that working again, as our clients are using that a lot.

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  • Commenting here as this would be a nice to have for our end users as they have been utilizing this functionality in the classic UX for the past few years. Not having this available now feels like a step back for them.

  • Hello Agree with @FlorianB
    As an example shortcut to :

    • Open the edition of a UX page,
    • Save the page (This one could by my favorite) ♥,
    • To close the card configuration and go back on view 'Add card',
    • Able to switch/navigate form card to card (the edit mode take into account the card selected)
    • And the publish one,


    Julien Froment

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