Dimension should be synchronized to Additional insights cards when selecting line items under it.


Hi team!

We have our Worksheet layout set like this. (Please refer to the attached screenshots)

When user select the ‘Product’ on the very left of the Worksheet, Additional insights will be synchronized. (Screenshot ‘input 1’)

The problem is, when selecting any line item cell under the ‘Product’, Additional insights will not be synchronized as expected. (Just as the ‘input 2’ screenshot shown)

So, if any cell under a dimension is selected, we want the insights card to be synchronized as well. This will help end users improve efficiency.

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  • This problem seems to be related with stacked row dimension situation where a 'Product' list and Line Item list are all positioned in row dimension.

    Therefore, tracking down all row dimension could be a solution to this. Once the 'Product' list before line item is identified, product can be synchronized even if it is positioned in other dimensions (page for example) in Addition Insights cards.

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