Use ChatGPT's API to produce commentary and send it back into Anaplan


I've love to see some more native API's to connect Anaplan into ChatGPT API to be able to generate commentary. This would be an application similar to CloudWorks or PlanIQ that allows you to configure certain fields to be selected and then a certain style or questions can be asked to ChatGPT to produce the commentary based on an analysis of variances or whatever the criteria. It would then send the output back into Anaplan and load into a Commentary Module.

This would require some initial configuration of the ChatGPT API which requires an API Key, a model type eg Davinci-003 and some suggested prompts to get the best types of commentary analysis back from ChatGPT.

I initially tried to use ChatGPT to do Commentary analysis by pasting the 2019 and 2020 results from Coca-Cola's annual report and the analysis was fantastic. This feature could automate a lot of the commentary reporting to be used by analysts in Anaplan.

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  • Would love to see a functionality for this connection

  • I would love the ability to be able to plugin apis into anaplan modules to get dynamically inputs from a variety of sources (could be chatgpt comments going into a custom analysis line items, could be near real time currency prices to feed our forecasts... lots of opportunities there)

  • check out how to integrate ChatGpt to analplan at

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