Turn off export functionality from cards in NUX


Is there a possibility to turn off the export functionality in the NUX, like there was in the classic dashboard?

It is crucial for my use case that the end user cannot export the grids from the cards to excel for example.


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  • As of today, you cannot disable the export from grid functionality. There is an open Idea on the Idea Exchange for controlling end user features on cards, which includes an ask to enable/disable export functionality. You can upvote and subscribe to that Idea for updates, and add additional comments to expand on the ask if you want.

    Keep in mind that you still cannot fully prevent users from taking Anaplan data offline and out of the platform. Examples include:

    • Manual copy/paste from a grid
    • Add Ins (Sheets, Excel, Powerpoint, AM365, etc)
    • Data Integrations
    • Screenshots
    • Export PDF
    • Accessing the module directly in NMX and exporting from there

    Not necessarily all easy options for the end user of course. If your concern is around sensitivity of data, you still need to focus on the security of access (e.g. SSO, Selective Access, Model Roles, DCA) as well as user education/governance procedures.

    If you have access to Anaplan Audit capabilities, then you can also track when data is exported from Anaplan. See USR-32 and USR-36 in Tracked User Activity Events. If you do not have access to Anaplan Audit, reach out to your Customer Success Business Partner for assistance.

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