Ability to control available features for cards in New UX (maximize, comment, export etc)


Description: as a page builder, I would like to have a control over available actions for each card. I should be able to disable or enable this features (at least for text cards).


Benefit/use case: very often blank text card without background is used as a placeholder. I would like to disable all features for those placeholders (such as comment, maximize and "selectability, when card is highlighted if you click on it"). Otherwise the user iterface is confusing, when some options appear for blank spaces (see screenshot).

There are many situations, when card should have no any "feature", such as maximize:

  • KPI
  • Small textbox
  • An action card
  • Image
  • Field



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  • This feature would have a high added value for End User experience!


  • It would be useful for me to be able to disable "Export this view" in the New UX.

    It was something that was possible in Classic (disable Data > Export). Thanks!

  • This will be a very useful in cases where large data sets are displayed on the UX. Multiple users trying to export might break the model.

  • +1 on disabling Export, and also on disabling open source module.

  • +1 on Disabling exports in NUX. 
    It is becoming a huge problem

  • +1 on controlling features on NUX

  • FYI: Disable export on grids functionality was added on the April 2023 release:

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