Can Non workspace admin User export the user list.


Hi Team

I just wanted to know is their any workaround from which Business user(without Admin access) can run and export the User access details.

As of now only Admin user can export and see user details,But i just wanted to know if anyone has any workaround(But without Admin help).

Best Answer

  • ryan_kohn

    At the model level, you can treat the Users list as if it has Selective Access applied, and only workspace administrators have access to the full list. Otherwise, a user only has access to themselves.

    From the Anapedia page on the Users list:

    Note: Selective access for the Users list differs from selective access that applies to general lists. Workspace administrators control selective access for general lists in the Users pane or in Grid view for each list. Selective access for the Users list only ever filters access to the user's own user name in a picklist.

    You can also read more on when integrations require WSA privileges.