Increase the limit of list item beyond 999 999 999


As a anaplan coe lead, i need to enable more complex and scalable use cases into anaplan and integrate seemlessly with high volumes system working with event or log based architectures.

To cover these, one limiting factor is the hard limit over the 1billion minus one on lists.

I d like to have this limit raised to higher number to keep up with the scalable enterprise level promise.

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  • We are in same Boat. Any workaround solution to this would be helpful too !

  • @david.savarin - do you really need that level of data granularity within your Anaplan ecosystem? Can it not be aggregated up between source system and Anaplan?

  • Niraj.B

    Hi, 999 million is a huge list. I am pretty sure this would impact performance as well. Should it not be ERP that would have this level of detail? As Andrewtye mentioend, can we aggregate data and then send to Anaplan?

  • Yes we are working on a use case where detailed data is required.

    We currently didnt reach the limit, but with the current data trend 1billion list item may feel.

    My rule of thumb is generally to have a technical limit that outclass all other existing services so that the possibility to reach the ceiling is non-existent IRL.

    One could consider as well that 2 billions cells calc per block limit is very large and yet we ran several times over the past few years.

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