Allow User to Enter Comments at Parent Level?

We have a text-formatted line-item where we want users to enter comments at both the child and parent levels.

The current solution works fine for the bottom level, but Anaplan won't allow comments at the parent level (Marketing - Corporate Memberships).

Is there a simple fix to this issue?



  • Hi,

    To put comment on parent level, you need do applies to line item with parent dimension.

  • Hi @skarki, is there a way to do this in the same module?

    We need to include both P2 and P3 level to be editable by users. Anaplan doesn't allow two lists in the Applies To that are in the same hierarchy.

  • hi,

    Yes you can create in same module but You need to create multiple line items each representing different hierarchy level and then you can create subview through applies to (list reference) in each line item using respective list in module .


  • you can also use the comment-collaboration features available in the UX