Turn off suggested list/line item names in new modeling experiance


Is there any way to turn off this feature?

I often just want add a simple correction to a formula, hit enter and move on. Instead of just the minor edit when I hit enter to close the formula editing it grabs the first suggested line item or list name.

For example I just need to add an apostrophe and want be able to just hit enter vs clicking on apply. I know it seems minor but for those of us that want to avoid the extra clicks is there a way to avoid it auto recommending lists and line item names? Enter used to close editing but only works if nothing is being suggested actively.

This only happens if the formula is expanded which is the only work around I've found to avoid this happening, but I do need to be able to still see larger formulas.

This is a great feature if you need it but being able to toggle it off would be great if we don't use it. I've never found the need for it and has been causing a few irritating issues recently.


  • Hi @hbrink ,

    Though it's certainly a great feature simplifying the formula editing, I too mis-click sometimes and found no other way to turn off 'AutoComplete' than pressing ESC button.

  • I, too, LOVE the auto-complete feature. But find that it can get in the way.

    What if, instead of having to turn it on/off, the feature only gave options? In order to accept/use any of the options, the user would need to arrow key down to them. Even the top one remains unselected until the arrow key is used.

  • Another suggestion: what if Enter/Return DIDN'T activate auto-complete? Only Tab would apply the auto-complete suggestion?

    That way Enter only has one function: complete and save the formula.

  • Combining those two great suggestions from @erik.bangsund, of which the 2nd one is closer to Gmail's auto-fill logic:

    Start typing something in formula editor >> it gives auto-complete suggestions >> use ARROW keys to navigate up & down the list >> but use TAB to apply it and ENTER to save the formula at the end