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I am publishing a grid on a page with a month dimension as a page selector and below that a grid with a week dimension.. however, I can only select month at the top of the page for the context selectors. When I reorder them so weeks are first then I can select week or month. This is not ideal as I want the month data to be first on the page but I want the user to be able to select a week as they scroll down the page for their weekly data. It would be awesome if I could select the level of time I want to display in the context selector (week or month) similar to how we can select the level of a hierarchy we want to show.

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  • hbrink
    edited February 2023

    Not sure if it would help in this situation but we have a general time filter we utilize in a lot of our models for the end user to pick levels that corresponds to a background properties table Boolean line item. We use that Boolean to apply a filter to all modules on pages or dashboards that have time as a dimension.

    End user selection would look something like this:

    As they select options the modules look like this:

    I could see you doing something by just without the Year dimension and just let the user pick weeks, months, etc. to limit what is visible. Let me know if you are interested and I can share some of the background set up.

  • Hi @hbrink - interested in learning more about how you set those filters up if possible? thanks so much!

  • We currently have three modules in almost all our models that we publish to let our end users pick and choose summary levels by year. This could be paired down to two but we do like to keep some sperate depending on access roles.

    1) Select: Time by User - This is the module end users interact with. It has zero formulas and is only there to stage the Boolean selection by the end user. We currently do selection of level by year (e.g. show all quarters in 2022), but if you just wanted to select all months, weeks, etc. for the full model time scale you could remove the Year time scale here and simplify as needed.

    Note YTD/YTG don't fit in this table with the Year time scale but if you don't vary by year you could include selections for those in the same module. If you do use Year or something similar I've found it best to just add a small secondary selection with two Booleans for YTD/YTG with users being the only list involved and no time scale.

    2) Calc: Time by User - This is the main filter calculation. You could merge with the selection module and just have some hidden line items with varying subsidiary views the end user won't need to see if you wanted to cut down on separate modules. In order to get the summary periods to filter properly you will need a line item that corresponds to each time summary level you want to be able to isolate with the associated level set under time scale.

    3) Prop: Time - This is our general background properties table that feeds most of our major time related lookups/filters. The main line item needed is the Lookup: Year line highlighted below. Note that this is formatted Year but is set to a time scale of months. The idea here is to return the parent year for every month. If you go down to weeks or days swap time summary levels accordingly and change to your relevant lowest level wherever you see month.

    All in all note summary levels, formats and time scale as these switch around quite a bit in here.

    If using the NUX page environment your filter applied to any time modules/charts should look like this. As you select booleans in the Select module you should see views update automatically.

    If you are using the legacy classic dashboard environment it should look something like this. Note classic dashboards will not update automatically when you change your selection. A refresh is needed. If your end users are not used to having to refresh to see filters apply you can call out that the refresh button is hidden by default and you will need to click on the dashboard tab to see the extra bar show up.

    In both cases I recommend you restrict selecting of the user list in the Select module when you publish it so end users cannot interfere with others. I like to keep the label there as a reminder it is their specific selection but turn off ability to select from that list.

  • hbrink
    edited February 2023

    I will also add if you want to use the global context selectors in NUX you could do this without the year list and turn on the time hierarchy filter. You loose the ability to mix and match different levels over different years but it might be the similar approach.

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