Challenge Question on Sprint 2 : 2.2.2 Front to Back Model Design


Hello everyone,

I just start my Anaplan learning session like 2 months ago so I'm still newbie here.

I have a Question about this challenge question.

I already try like 10times, but my answer always wrong, could anyone tell me and explain for this question, because they didn't give any explanation for this questions.

Thank you in advance! 😣

Best Regards,

Dian Suci A.


  • Honestly, there are so many questions but the two that make the most sense are "Instructor Wages" and "Instructor Hours".

    Why? Well, these modules more than likely contain data directly related to scheduled hours and compensation for the instructor during the 4-week period.

    Let's break it down logically by answering some basic Anaplan Way questions.

    1) Who/what does this directly apply to?

    2) How does it affect that "entity" directly?

    We want to know the plan for the instructor over a certain period. The rest indirectly apply. In Anaplan, we like to keep it simple and get to the answer in the most logical way. Again, keyword = directly!

    I hope this helps! If we get this wrong, I officially quit LOL

  • Without seeing the modules, my guess would be Instructor wages (since it would use the amount of hours worked to calculate wage).

    Best of luck,