OEG Best Practice: Anaplan Python OAuth Example

The Anaplan Python OAuth Example demonstrates using the Anaplan REST API with OAuth with device-based authorization. The code highlights how to generate a device_idaccess_token, and refresh_token. Additionally, the code highlights a multi-threaded approach to request a new access_token while performing other, longer-running operations such as a large data load. Please note that with this code example, the concept is simulated by calling Get Workspaces five times every 10 seconds while simultaneously refreshing the access_token every 5 seconds. Please note that the access_token expires after 35 minutes, so please adjust the timer to a value just below this expiration length (2100 seconds). Usage and the source code can be viewed here.

Here is a brief overview of the example:

1) New device-based Oauth Registration:

2) After a successful registration, run unattended mode:

3) To see all command line arguments, type: 'python3 anaplan.py -h'

4) To update any of the Anaplan API URLs, please edit the file settings.json.

Note: The client_id and refresh_token are stored as encrypted values in a SQLite database. As an alternative, a solution like auth0 would further enhance security.