Selective Access Issue : No access ERROR even when there are items being granted access to.



I am struggling with an issue of regarding selective access.

So there is hierarchy Region O1, Countries O2, Entities O3.

Selective access is enabled for this hierarchy.

There are two dashboards.

D1 with view Line items in rows and time in columns and O3 in page selectors.

D2 with view O3 in rows and Line items in columns and it has O3 in page selectors as well.

So when I give access to few of the entities in O3 I get the following error in D2 dashboard.

But D1 dashboard there is no issue.

When I give access to the items at top level that is O1, this selection works fine and no error.

So I am not able to understand what is causing the issue only when items at O3 are granted access.

Please let me know how to resolve this.

Thank you



  • Are you using a custom or module view to build the view in D2?

  • I am able to replicate this issue, tried both custom view and module view cases.

    Also, selective access at any other higher level (O1 or O2) works fine, but not at the leaf level, and when row dimension is chosen to also work as context selector (using 'hierarchy filter' setting).

    @CommunityMember131103 , I have a doubt though: Why do you need to set same dimension (O3) as context selector while it's already set as rows? I would instead use lineitem selector for higher levels, if to filter the grids on the page.