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hi Community,

I just got this requirement recently and it is giving me quite a challenge. the requirement is to select the current month then display the 3 prior months and Current month on the table. So example, user will select Jan 23 then the table should display Jan 23 Dec 22 Nov 22 and Oct 22.

so far this is what I have a module where I assume I would be doing an ITEM(TIME) to capture the current month.

I can't seem to capture the current month and the previous 3 months on the boolean line.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.



  • hi Bruno Rodriguez,

    Thanks for your help.


  • hi Bruno,

    Why is APr20 checked again? Was it the current month set? Thanks just trying to understand further the formula.


  • BrunoRodriguez
    edited February 2023

    Hello @Jsdeloria21,

    My understanding was that you wanted the current month + the 3 previous months. Hence, July (current) + June, May, April.

    If you want to modify the tail of months, change the -3, as it is driving that.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • hi BrunoRodriguez,

    Thank you I was able to make it work. Appreciate the insight given