How I Built It: Beginners guide to integrating with Anaplan using Python

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Author: Matt Budd, Certified Master Anaplanner and CIO at Nightingale College and Solution Architect at Dialed Solutions.

Hello Anaplan Community! In the last year, I've done a lot of work around creating automation and integrations with Anaplan using Python. Several solutions I've built using Python include:

  1. Creating a Python Anaplan connector
  2. Managing data integrations directly within Anaplan (no code)
  3. Kicking off integrations within Anaplan UI
  4. Managing large data dependencies using a Python orchestrator

With the use of Python, the integration and automation possibilities are endless. In this ‘How I Built It’ video tutorial, I go over a very simple and effective way to use Python to integrate with Anaplan. This method uses a Python connector I created to simplify the integration with Anaplan. This connector manages the more challenging parts of the API with ease (i.e., chunking, certificate-based authentication, status checking, and error handling). Information on the connector with its documentation can be found here.

[How I Built It] Beginners guide to integrating with Anaplan using Python

If you have any questions about the content found in this video, leave a comment, and I'll be more than happy to help!


Community Manager note: In our new “How I Built It” series, we showcase the incredible talent in the Anaplan ecosystem! From technical content to help you navigate common challenges, to insights into creative solutions — these videos will offer a peek into how your peers do their jobs. Check out additional How I Built It tutorials:


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    How i built it beginners guide is really amazing.

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