Level 2 Activity SYS06 Country List



I have a similiar issue to below thread, I am sure it has to do with my region can anyone help, screenshots attached. I should show one region when mapping instead of multiple ones.




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  • Hey!

    the source that is connected with SYS06 needs to be column headers. Once you do that, you need to map them correctly, but you should have only 2 options.

    Hope it is clear!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Still little confused its connected to region, these were supposed to be flat lists. Are you reffering to Parent when you mean "column headers" ?

  • Hi @akrem ,

    A couple of issues/concerns looking at your attachment.

    1. Why do you have country codes in the place of names in country flat list? (this is not directly related to current issue, but you will miss country names everywhere henceforth, if you don't have them in the data hub)
    2. In the import action mapping, you mapped country name as source for SYS module and hence it is failing to understand for which country item it should load corresponding parent (region). You should rather use column headers (as @BrunoRodriguez suggested) or fixed line item and map accordingly for SYS module.


  • Hi all

    Regarding step 1.3.4, I'm having issues populating SYS06 module.

    Going through different threads regarding this topic, I see my source data has 3 levels to map, and not 2. This is causing the region to not be linked to the code in the file.

    Can someone advise?