Level 3 sprint 1 8.4

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to validate my data for the "Final sales target" after applying the "Factor". However,

looks like my Factor is off. I have confirmed that "previous year actual revenue" and" initial account sales targets" are correct. so not sure where it is off....



needed formula concept :

Thanks for those who help!

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  • Arnab116
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    Hi @Ssudilovsky,

    ' I believe the factor needs to be calculated in a module dimensionalised by country from where you can refer the factor to this by lookup.

    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @Ssudilovsky ,

    I see that your Total held/revised and Total to change are way high. Please recheck these numbers first. And then you need to make following changes to achieve right factor:

    1. You should ideally be calculating the factor at country level and then apply it to each account in TAR02
    2. If you verify formula concept carefully, the numerator asks to do (total initial account sales target - (total override sales target + total held/revised))
    3. Even the denominator should go as (total initial account sales target - total held/revised - total original target in case of overrides)

    If you follow the instructions carefully, you should achieve the right factor and hence the right final sales target.

    All the best with your learning.


  • @AjayM @Arnab116

    Thank you both, I was able to get to the needed screenshot data check. Needed to do TAR03 module first to calculate factor by -country and segment. then reference in module 02 .