Add an Error Banner if SSO User Tries Logging in as Exception User


It would be extremely helpful to have an error banner or message when an SSO user tries to log in as an exception user. Even when providing the link to the SSO login and directing users to not enter a username/password, we still have users that end up locking themselves out of Anaplan because they try to utilize the username/password login instead. This has resulted in us having to reach out to Anaplan multiple times to get user accounts unlocked as we have more than 1K end users interacting with the platform across the company. This has wasted time for not only our internal IT team and Anaplan's help desk, but it has also caused much frustration to the end users. Something as simple as "SSO enabled, sign in using link" when users try to log in as an exception user would most likely prevent us from having lock outs in the future.

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