Management Reporting: Hide Empty Columns


Hi Community,

In Management Reporting, I created a table with Line Items x Product Category:

I have the country as a selector but, for example, if I select a country where we don't sell "Performance" products, it still shows an empty column although I added a filter:

Do you know how to hide it so that, in this case, the table only has 4 columns?

Thanks for you help and please let me know if more info needed!


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  • AjayM
    edited March 2023

    Hi @BenjaminNiel ,

    I would ideally create a filter module, dimensioned by country and product category, with a boolean formatted lineitem. In this lineitem, you can either select applicable product categories for each country manually (as a one time backend setup or publish it on an admin page) OR preferably write a formula to check all lineitems for blank/zero values.

    Consider I have an input module dimensioned by Regions, Employee and couple of lineitems:

    I created filter module by Region and Employee, to identify applicable employee for each region. I prefer separating filtering oriented lineitems into separate module, otherwise you can add these into input module itself if they are of same dimensions:

    When I published input module to Management report, and added manual filter (for instance), you can see that employee dimension gets filtered as per my filter input:

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks @AjayM, indeed it's exactly the issue I have. I added my vote!

  • @BenjaminNiel, @AjayM : unfortunately, by design, the number of columns in management reporting pages is fixed. Until Anaplan will change this, we need to accept this limitation.

    The filter works and shows the correct values of the columns, but always shows the same number of columns of the moment when the grid was published. If the filter would produce more columns, the additional columns will not be shown and if the filter shows fewer columns, the report will always show the blank columns.