Management Reporting: Hide Empty Columns

Hi Community,

In Management Reporting, I created a table with Line Items x Product Category:

I have the country as a selector but, for example, if I select a country where we don't sell "Performance" products, it still shows an empty column although I added a filter:

Do you know how to hide it so that, in this case, the table only has 4 columns?

Thanks for you help and please let me know if more info needed!



  • AjayM
    edited March 3

    Hi @BenjaminNiel ,

    I would ideally create a filter module, dimensioned by country and product category, with a boolean formatted lineitem. In this lineitem, you can either select applicable product categories for each country manually (as a one time backend setup or publish it on an admin page) OR preferably write a formula to check all lineitems for blank/zero values.

    Consider I have an input module dimensioned by Regions, Employee and couple of lineitems:

    I created filter module by Region and Employee, to identify applicable employee for each region. I prefer separating filtering oriented lineitems into separate module, otherwise you can add these into input module itself if they are of same dimensions:

    When I published input module to Management report, and added manual filter (for instance), you can see that employee dimension gets filtered as per my filter input:

    Hope this helps.