A doubt in functionality of "ALL" function


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Here, Source module contains Employees Dimension, Department and Country as List formatted Line Items and Bonus as Boolean format Line Item as shown below.

Target module contains Country as Dimension and Employees with Bonus as a Boolean formatted Line Item as shown below.

When I am using "ALL" Function here in Employees with Bonus Line item, it is giving TRUE against India and China even though I haven't used China (Country) in Source module (Country Line Item). Can someone answer this whether my understanding is incorrect or "ALL" Function is not working properly.

Please Let me know if you want further details, Thanks in advance.

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  • sobaid

    Hi @Dileep777

    You can drill down on the boolean in the second grid by clicking on right click against the boolean (you can even further drill down to go to the source) .

  • AjayM

    Hi @Dileep777 ,

    ALL function returns TRUE both for NONE Mapped cases and ALL Mapped cases - in other words, even though you have China in country list, no employee is mapped to China, and zero mapped against China returns TRUE, while any number less than ALL mapped returns FALSE.

    I have given you a workaround to achieve what you want, which can further be simplified by avoiding few lineitems in target module.

    Source Module:

    Target Module:

    Note 'All Function' lineitem: France returned FALSE as only one of the two mapped employee have BONUS. US West returned FALSE as none of the mapped employee get BONUS.

    Hope this is clear.