Waking up the model with Cloudworks


Hi everyone,

As you know, initializing the model (moving it from disk to memory) can take a while, especially for the larges ones. This can be quite painful for the first users of the day, or for the first one to connect after lunchbreak.

I don't find precise or recent informations about it, so here are my two questions:

1) How much inactivity time do we have before the model has to be reloaded again?

2) Does an automated action (e.g with cloudworks) "wake up" the model? If yes, i could set up an empty action to be launched several time in the day with cloudworks to maintain my model "on" on business hours.

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  • axel.frot
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    Two years ago, after 30 minutes a user was disconnected.
    This user probably needs to reopen the model.
    From a previous test, cloodworks keeps the model open.
    How many minutes does the model take to open?
    Before thinking about a solution of this type, isn't there some upstream work to optimize the model (time ranges, formulas, etc.)?
  • rob_marshall

    @VillardA @axel.frot

    To be clear, a user gets logged out after 30 of inactivity, but a model closes after 60 minutes of activity.


  • Thank you Axel!

    It takes around 5 minutes, to open the model. We will look further to find other ways to optimize it.

    Have a great day,

  • Thank you @rob_marshall! Will be helpful for the configuration of the scheduled process

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