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We have a model where a Employee have territories assigned, each territory have accounts assigned. At the moment if we edit the end date of a territory the end date of the accounts stay the same. So i want to make a formula where if we mark the territory for edition , a boolean on the accounts gets active as well so we could update territories and accounts at the same time. Any ideas how to do this?


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  • Hi @JosAngel94

    Assuming that I have a hierarchy where

    L1 = territory list and L2 = Accounts list with L1 as parent of L2

    Below are the steps that you can perform:

    1. Create a module with L1 territory as dimension and a Boolean formatted line item (Edit?)

    2. Create another module with L2 as dimension and have a Boolean line item (edit?), L1 list formatted line item (parent)

    3. Apply formula in (parent) line item to bring parent L1

    4. The apply formula in (edit?) line item = module1.edit?[Lookup: parent]

    This formula will tick all the accounts which you have selected in a territory

    Hope this resolves your issue.


  • TY for your quick response.

    Some extra information:

    L1 = territory list and L2 = Accounts list with L1 as parent of L2: ✔️This is correct we have it this way.

    we have two modules one for editing territories, and one for editing accounts, formatted with the dimensions you mention in point 1 and 2 ,each have their mark for edition boolean for individual editing.

    So as per your second point "have a Boolean line item (edit?)" this should be a different bolean from the one i have or i could still use the one already existing?

    Can you help me with the formula of the point 3 please?

  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @JosAngel94

    Mention not,

    So, In 2nd module, you need to have 3 line items in total

    1. Boolean formatted line item (edit?) = Module1.edit?[Lookup: parent]

    2. L1 list formatted line item (parent) = Parent(Item(L2 list name))

    3. Boolean formatted line item which you are already having for editing

    This 3rd line item will be manual .

    Lastly, you need to go to blueprint mode and use 1st Boolean line item in "write Dynamic cell access" against the 3rd line item

    Hope, this resolved your issue.

    Let me know if you need help on any point mentioned above.