Are we able to indent bullets in a text box in the UX?


I am trying to type out a list of instructions using numbered bullets. The instructions will end up being about 10 steps so they will be numbered 1-10. I want to be able to add sub-bullets (a,b,c, etc) under instructions but I can't figure out how to indent them. Does anyone know of an easy way to indent the bullet points without numbering and indenting the entire list of instructions manually?


  • Hi @briankenez

    You can use highlighted options shown below to insert automatic bullets / numbering when you edit your text box in Anaplan UX

    Hope, this resolves your issue

  • I am using that feature already! But I am unable to indent and add any sub bullets. For instance if I want to add a sub bullet, I have to cancel the automatic numbering and type out “a. (text)” manually. That is not a big issue but then if I want to go back to automatic numbering, it starts with 1 again as opposed to the number I left off on. I was just wondering if there is an easy way to indent / add sub bullets using the automatic numbering bullets

  • Hi @briankenez

    Got your problem, I believe currently there is no provision of inserting automatic sub bullets inside Anaplan UX and one has to insert them in text format/manually .