Add the current user to a field when they approve an item


I have an approval process with several gates, i have restricted to ability to approve, but all i want to do is when the approve button is pressed is apply the current user details to the Approver and add Todays date. The date part is done, as I already have the date automatically updating in all models. How can i get the current user, so they dont have to pick themselves from a list?
I do have a fake user list already set-up but can't work out how i can get the current users details from it.

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @DeveloperCYT

    You can follow below steps:

    1. Create a module with user dimension only and no line items
    2. In the blueprint, turn "show all users: off". By default, it's always on. Turning this off will only show you your email id
    3. Create a saved view of this module
    4. In your “approver” line item module, import the data from this saved view
    5. In import definition use below settings:

    Hope, this resolves your issue


  • Thanks, thats ideal. Appreciate quick response

  • Hello! Questin for @Himanshu1998 will with work with multiple concurrent users? I've got a set of data to import by list member, and trying to find a way for multiple users to import that data filtered by different list members in tandem.

  • Hi @DavidHunter

    If I understood your question correctly, you want to import data from a source module to a target module where target module has a list whose items are user specific.

    You can achieve your user specific data import:

    You need to apply selective access in source module dimension items which each user will be pulling the data from.

    You can also achieve your user specific import based on Dynamic Cell Access (DCA). You can refer below article

    It should serve your purpose