Add the current user to a field when they approve an item

I have an approval process with several gates, i have restricted to ability to approve, but all i want to do is when the approve button is pressed is apply the current user details to the Approver and add Todays date. The date part is done, as I already have the date automatically updating in all models. How can i get the current user, so they dont have to pick themselves from a list?
I do have a fake user list already set-up but can't work out how i can get the current users details from it.

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  • Himanshu1998
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    Hi @DeveloperCYT

    You can follow below steps:

    1. Create a module with user dimension only and no line items
    2. In the blueprint, turn "show all users: off". By default, it's always on. Turning this off will only show you your email id
    3. Create a saved view of this module
    4. In your “approver” line item module, import the data from this saved view
    5. In import definition use below settings:

    Hope, this resolves your issue