Add back the 'Used in Dashboards' reference for Modules (with NUX)

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With the NUX in place and being the standard for dashboarding, it would be good to have the ‘Used in Dashboard’ reference working again within the Model. This would be good for the transparency/auditibility of the model, for all users.

With the Classic UX, it was easy to see when a Module was used in any of the Dashboards. Now with NUX, this reference is not present anymore, making it harder to detect if a module is still needed.

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  • Hello,

    I agree, previously the direct link between Old-UX Dashboard on each module was better for auditaibility & transparency.

    If you desire to analyse which modules seems to be un-used, there is a way. You can use this function :
    In the “Pages” section of your NUX modelling experience you can see on each pages which modules are used

    Nevertheless, It is painfull to use as it is reversed compared to the previous “Used in Dashboard” function.

  • I agree with this! It's particularly hard to track down line items that are used to filter cards.

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