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Hello Anaplan community,

There are several notions related to import sources that I have trouble comprehending. These are : Source Labels, Source object, Source model (in Actions) and Source models. I can not understand what each term means, what is the difference between them, how should I manage the import sources in ALM or in case I copy or archive a model, what type of actions should be marketed as production data.

Let me give you some context.

I have recently implemented ALM by creating a model from the revision. Since then the source models have been messed up and I have no clue what is the final source of imports.

I have a process that retrieves data from the data hub and then refreshes the hierarchies and all the related data. The actions are not marketed as production data.

For the actions that are importing that from the data hub “Source Label”, “Source Object” ,“Source Model” reference the data hub model (so far so good).

However, when it comes to the actions that are using the deployed model as a source the situation is different.

In Actions ⇒ Imports the “Source Label” and the “Source Object” reference different models. In Actions ⇒ Import Data sources the “Source Model” is the same as in the "Source model". In fact, the model in Source object and Source Model is a model that I have archived before implementing ALM.

When I go to Source models and want to edit the mapping I have the error message : " Original source model is not available. Map new source for "xxx – xxx / xxx"? Ensure your mapped model has the same structure as source model.". I imagine this is due to the fact that the source model is archived…

In the developpement model and testing model the situation is the same while the models referenced are different from those in the deployed model.

I would be very grateful if someone could explain these notions, the information on Anapedia or the articles on community pages that I have fiound are not very clear on the subject.




  • Hi @MoraruD

    Let me try explaining these terms for you briefly:

    1. Source Labels: It gives information about the source of data. If it's a file upload, then it will show you file name and if it's a model to model import, then it will show you saved view/module/list name from where the data is being loaded
    2. Source Object: It shows you the saved view/module/list name from where the data is being loaded. If it's a saved view or module or list, you can check in “Source Type
    3. Source Model: It shows you the model from where the data is loaded. If the action is from a different model, it will show you the model name and it the action is from same model, it will show you “-”.
    4. Production Action: In ALM, those actions should be marked as production which you want to edit in the Production Model and update it accordingly in production model itself. You can refer this for more information.
    5. If you want to change the “source model” for the action, as you mentioned, you'd need to go to “Import Data Sources” and there edit the action and remap the source to different model.

    Hope, this resolves your understanding


  • Hi @Himanshu1998 , thanks a lot for your response!