Anaplan links to open Anaplan App when used on Mobile Device


Many Anaplan users request being able to link directly to pages in the app. Even when opening a link on a device with the app installed, it will go to the browser version. It makes users much less likely to adopt Anaplan in cases where they prefer the app and need to share links for specific pages.

It would be very beneficial for many of our use-cases to have either dynamic links that can automatically open the app when it is installed, or to have different links for the web version and mobile app for the same UX pages.

Based on communication with Anaplan support, this is currently not available.

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  • Absolutely! It would be very useful feature to have it.

  • eang92


  • Need a link to the Anaplan APP when using Salesforce. "One stop shop" for the sales teams to find everything that they need. We consistently have 80 - 85% of our sales team in Anaplan in the past seven days. We could increase that adoption with a direct link to the Anaplan APP.

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