Mutually Exclusive lock on Anaplan Process execution


Would like a setting or a function which provides the ability to lock Anaplan until an Anaplan process has completed before executing another Anaplan process.

Background: Just found out if you have a process (process XYZ) with 10 actions (action 1 to action 10) and you had 2 users: User A and User B that ran the action close to the same time with user A executing it first. Anaplan doesn't let process XYZ complete all actions (action 1 to action 10) for user A 1st before executing process XYZ for user B. E.g

time user action

10:01 User A action 1

10:02 User A action 2

10:03 User B action 1

10:04 User A action 3

10:05 User B action 2

etc …

This can cause all sorts of problem for user triggered processes. One would have to design the actions such that it isn't impacted by parallel processing. So hence the request for the process lock

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