Retrieving user selective access in module



I have an issue in my Workforce Planning model I can't quite get my head around. The scenario is the following:

I have an organisational hierarchy with Cost Centers and then Individuals as childs. I have selective access enabled to my cost center list and only certain users have access to certain cost centers (and therefore individuals).

I want the end users to be able to move employees between different cost centers. This is done by setting a termination date on the employee, and then creating a new one in the new cost center with the start date the day after the termination date for the original employee. The functionality has to work this way since it is required by the business.

Now to the issue: Since I have selective access on cost center level, the users cannot create an employee in a cost center they do not have access to, since they don't have write access.

My solution to this is to add a staging list and module (flat numbered list) inbetween without the organisation hierachy with the selective access, where you need to approve the transfers coming to your cost center.

However, I cannot think of a way to limit the users to not be able approve any transfer, that is, transfers that is not within their cost center. This, since the staging list/module is without any list with selective access (flat). I would like to add DCA to the boolean you tick to confirm the transfer before you run the process, but since I cannot access the selective access rights from the users list, I would have to maintain that access in a module, which is something I would prefer not to do.

When you tick the box for an employee that is not in your cost center, the import fails and the error message doen't really make sense for an end user.

Any suggestions, solutions or ideas? Any help is highly appreciated - Thanks!


  • AjayM

    Hi @fredrickstraube ,

    One way I can think of is using the export functionality of users list, which gives us selective access information as well. Since we can import this data from exported file back into Anaplan's module at user level, you would be able to get selective access information in text format (preferably) for each user. Using this data, it's easy to find what all cost centers are applicable to each user, and thereby design DCA.

    However, since end users won't be having workspace admin access generally, they might not be able to run this export action, in which case an automated daily run of export and import actions should be possible.

    Hope this helps.


  • chp127

    Hi @fredrickstraube ,

    1. create flat list of employee.

    2. Create module to move employee from one cost center to another.

    3. create approval module with dimension (flat employee list, cost center).

    4. Create action to move employee using import action. (Employee L2 mapped to code,cost center 1 mapped to parent).

    End user:

    i. User 1 have access to only Cost center 1 and want to move one employee from cost center 1 to Cost Center 3.

    ii. User 2 have access to cost center 3. so he can able to see only cost center 3 related employe as target.

    Hope this approach will reslove the issue.

  • Hi @chp127 - thanks a lot for your input!

    I did try this this, however, when the action is ran by the end user on a dashbaord, the filter displays ALL employees, not only the ones the user running the action got access to. Hence, it gives me an error message stating that they are trying to write into a list they do not have access to.


  • @AjayM - thanks a lot for your input. That is one solution that would work, but I am hoping to not have to add that feature to the model. But if I cannot find another solution, this is a great option - Thanks!

  • chp127

    @fredrickstraube you need to apply filter using “True” line item in Approval module .. so to end user it will only show will came for cost center change.