SKU to Format, Flavour, etc


Hi Guys.

I have the following issue with our Anaplan implementation. Our SKUs can be rolled up either to Format (FO), Flavour (FL), Volume (VO), etc. All these have parents such as F1 > F2 > F3.

The common denominator between all of them is the SKU. I have created a SYS module that has all of these as properties, therefore in column I've got SKU - F3 - F2 - F1 - V2 - V1, etc etc.

The issue is that when creating grids for UX I can never drill down to a SKU level within the same grid as the SKUs are not childs of any of the other hierarchies as there is (for obvious reasons) no child rolling up to multiple parents. Further than that, properties would not act as hierarchies, therefore flat tables would not cut it as there wouldn't be any sub-totals or what so ever.

Therefore I can build grids for Format or for Flavour, but can 1) never drill down to SKU 2) never include both Format and Flavour in the same grid which would filter one another.

May I ask if anyone has faced such complex issue and there is a way to solve this?

Many thanks.



  • @Kokenya

    Are Format (FO), Flavour (FL), and Volume (VO) a list? If so, you can create a module dimensionalized by the sku's (assuming you have a flat list of the sku's) by that list and use filters (boolean).

  • @rob_marshall thanks for your comment. That would still mean all SKUs would be shown in the grid and there wouldn't be any drill down / roll up capabilities as they wouldn't be a hierarchy if I am not mistaken.