Excel Add In - Choosing the level while pivoting/filtering



Can I choose the level under particular dimension once creating the report in Excel Add In?

I cannot find it easily. There is a such option directly in Anaplan for example under MyPages.

The example:

There is a product list assgined to different level of hierarchies (SKU - Planning SKU - Brand Quality - Brand) - in my pivot/filter - can I choose only the lowest level of hierarchy or I need to tick every SKU one by one?

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  • You have to create a saved view against the level you wish to displat in add in. Theres no separate way to do so.

  • So you mean to create default view under particular module so that to use it within excel add in?

    Is there a plan to enhance the current solution in Excel Add In so that it reflects similar functionality to what we have under MyPages?

  • CloClo98
    edited September 2023

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