I am looking for some more background on the differences between these two functions. I understand that AGENTS takes into account the SLA and target response time, but where my confusion lies is moreso with AGENTSB. Agnostic to target response time, how does AGENTSB calculate # of servers based on a 'busy period'? What defines a 'busy period' in this formula?

An example of where best to use these different functions would be appreciated as well!


  • Hi @raumais

    You can refer below anapedia article to understand the AGENTSB formula. It also shows an example of how to use the formula


  • raumais
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    Hi @Himanshu1998 Thanks for the reply!

    I have definitely read the technical documentation thoroughly. It doesn't seem to give more context into what a 'busy period' means and how it is calculated. Often when I compare AGENTS to AGENTSB output, AGENTSB() < AGENTS() with the same parameters, which is contradictory given we would assume the # of servers needed during a busy period should be higher.

    I am looking for more context into how AGENTSB defines a busy period, not so much how to use the formula.