SLA Function for Call Center Planning


I need some clarification on how/what the SLA function is calculating. Here I have an example of a call center planning scenario where I first input an SLA, Target Response Time, Average Arrival Rate and Average duration to get # of servers using the AGENTS function.

I then allow for adjustment to # agents and re-calculate the SLA based on the adjustment. However, when 0 adjustment is made, the calculated SLA does not equal my original input, even though the calcuated SLA uses the same paramters that I used for the agents formula.

Can someone explain why the Adjusted SLA <> SLA Input when # agents is the same?


  • Hi @raumais

    You should not use additive function within a SLA function. Instead you can use this formula for adjusted SLA

    '#Agents (Meet SLA within TRT)' + Agents Adjustment

    This should give you what you need.


  • raumais
    edited April 2023

    Hi @Himanshu1998 Thanks for the reply!

    I tried to stage the adjusted agents line item, and feed that into the Adjusted SLA function instead, but I still have the same issue. In theory, Adjusted SLA should equal the SLA input in this instance, no?