Fortnightly time scale in Anaplan


Could you please share any custom day level time scale hierarchy Fortnightly time scale
For January (Jan 1 to Jan 15, Jan 16 to Jan 31 ).
For Feburary (Feb 1 to Feb 15, Feb 16 to Feb 28 )

@Misbah, @Manjunath



  • Hey @HarishBabu ,

    Could you please clarify what you are after?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • I am trying to show the summary level Bi-Monthly instead of Month.

    Instead of summing of days values in Month. I am trying to show 1 to 15 days in cycle 1 and 16 to end of month in cycle 2

    Could you share best practices for that?

  • Hello @HarishBabu ,

    It looks like you need to dimension your model as week and then create a set of fake time lists:

    • Fake days
    • Fake Month Breakdown
    • Fake Months
    • Fake years

    You could define how to split the months, it looks like you want to look at the number of days in every month and create the fake month breakdown on each of the halves. Then you will need to reconcile everything from day into months using timesum if I recall correctly.

    Lastly, you could create actions with saved views so the list would populate automatically based on the items that you have within your time scope.

    Hope that was clear.

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Could you share anything related to custom time scale day level?