Make the "model open analysis" available

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It is very common to face performance issues with Anaplan models. Examples are not lacking, you just have to have a look to Anaplan Community to realize it.

Several “best practices” exist:

Moreover, a tool exists, the “Model Open Analysis”. How to summarize it in a sentence?
It is a restitution of the calculation time to the “Line Item” in ms and in % of the total calculation time.
More information here:

Here is an idea to leverage it: Why not make the results of the “Model Open Analysis” available?

Indeed, Model Open Analysis information is very important for the followings :

  • Customer satisfaction (faster model),
  • The efficiency of the model builder to repeat the analysis several times and improve it,
  • To relieve the support of the requests,
  • To relieve Anaplan servers.

Possible implementation:
1 - New column in the “line item” tab, like the “most recent duration (ms)” column (won’t please everyone even if ideas exist:
2 - Downloadable file via API or Anaplan connect,
3 - Other (?)

What do you think about it?

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