Target module with less number of lists

In my situation here, I have a source module that has two dimensions - EMP and Geo and Time and line item called MAP which is list formatted (GEO).
Target dimension has one dimension EMP and Time and line item that is list formatted (GEO).
I want to bring in the Geo from source to target in this case. Since the target has less dimension, if I were to bring in number, it would give me the aggregated value from the source to the target by default, however, since I have list-formated item I want to bring, the option I am aware of is to bring in the firstnon blank or lastnonblank. So in this case, since my source GEO list has summary method of lastnonblank, my target shows South for Jan.
a. Is there any option to bring in GEO of my choice in this scenario or
b. bring in multiple values in the target. In this example, Sam is tagged in East as well as South. Is there option to bring in both in some way?


  • HimanshuRaj
    edited April 2023

    Hi @khoonks

    You can follow below steps:

    1. Create a sys lookup module as mentioned below and apply formula as shown in second window. You can pull "Geo" based on the selection
    2. You can use textlist to pull in all geo's mapped to an employee. Although textlist should be avoided due to performance issue.


  • @khoonks

    It is possible you put together an ad-hoc example, but I "think" your first module (EMP_reg) is over-dimensionalized as I don't believe you need the region dimension (the current row axis). This doesn't solve your issue, just something I noticed. Also, I am not sure if you have seen this or not, but you might want to take a look at this thread on TextList()

    Textlist() should be avoided at all costs, it is absolutely horrendous on performance.

  • How about pulling the other way round, where the source has No time dimension but the target does.

    I have a kind of a mapping table by EMPLOYEE NAME and REGION. There is a boolean line item called MAPPED?

    I have a target table with TIME, as well as REGION and a dimension called Entity.

    I tried using FIRSTNONBLANK as the summary method for EMPLOYEE NAME in source module, however, it does not seem to work. Can I do some kind of LOOKUP on the BOOLEAN (MAPPED? ) line item to get those values.. Note that CHECKED is BOOLEAN.


  • Thanks all for the advise.

  • Thanks, I was able to figure out a way of bringing the code from source. Thanks anyways.