How to convert Month Line item in text format to Month Format

Hi All

I have two month line items in text format as shown in picture and want to convert to Month formatted line item.

What steps should I take so that I convert it into Month formatted line item.

Thanks in advance

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @Shawnm

    1. You need to create a month formatted line item
    2. Use the formula, Finditem(Time, Month Stage)

    This will give you month formatted line item


  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @Shawnm

    Sure. Just for the information, If the formula is showing blank then that means your model calendar is not matching with Month stage line item. FINDITEM with time will only populate if model calendar matches with text time.



  • Hi @Himanshu1998 ,

    I tried this already but was getting blanks for some reason. But I did this with some dummy data and it worked. Thank you so much for replying, I'll take a look at the data set to figure why blanks are coming.