CloudWorks Integration Flow || Regarding Blocking Actions


With the new integration flow feature available in CloudWorks, I wanted to get some information on how it blocks the related models for running the import. Consider the below scenario.

Integration Flow 1 consist of 2 integrations (INT 1 and INT 2)

INT 1 runs a process in Model 1

INT 2 runs a process in Model 2

Now if I add a schedule to the flow , till the time the schedule is running are both the models blocked for running the import , or is it possible till the time INT1 runs, a user runs a different action (ACT 1) in Model 2, so the process flow is something like this.

INT 1 → ACT 1→ INT2

or will it not allow anything to run between INT1 and INT2. This is difficult to test out, hence asking on how it is structured.


Aakash Sachdeva



  • Hi,

    Processes are blocking only for the time those are running. So you you can run actions in between by users.