Level 2 Sprint 2 - Create DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week module


Hi Experts -

I am trying to understnad the way to Get the Weekly value for the "DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week module ", from what I understand, based on the Montly Growth % in the DEM01 DEM02 has to sholw the weekly Growth %. And I intially tried to use the WEEKVALUE formula but that did not work and when looking at the community posts I see that using Month value formula is correct, but I do not understand why. Can someone explain? TIA.


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  • AjayM
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    Hi @vasunatari ,

    As you can understand from the functions' definition, MONTHVALUE works on a lineitem that is dimensioned by more granular time (WEEK or DAY) to give us source value which is at monthly level, and WEEKVALUE function works on a lineitem dimensioned by DAY level to give us source value which is at weekly level . These functions are used to retrieve source value which is at respective higher level dimension (as per the name of the function).



  • @AjayM Thanks for your response.

    In the screen shot I shared I am using the MONTHVALUE function to populate the Week 1 FY20 value, when compared with the DEM01 Volume Growth Rates (which is at month) wont the weekly growth rate be less? and Aggregate to the Montly growth rate?



  • @vasunatari did u understand it finally ? I have the same confusion!