Revision Tag: Roles -> Actions


Hello, I have a quick question in regards to revision tags. If I were check the box to grant a user access in "Roles → Actions" in DEV, would that require or qualify to use a Revision Tag in order for it to sync to PROD?

Or what would be the best way to update the change, so it reflects in PROD?


  • AjayM


    Access related changes are structural changes, which would need a revision tag, to promote to deployed models. And hence, yes, in this case, you would need to add a revision tag to update role related access in target models.


  • Hello @wbroughton,

    Yes, you would require a revision tag. Anything in the Users tab is PRODUCTION, but in the other tabs is not production anymore.

    Please use this link to find more information.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez