Can a Non WS Admin User Save an Exported File to a Centralized Location?


Hello Anaplanner,

Can a non work space admin user run an export action and have the export file saved to a centralized location that is not the user's local computer?



Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hi Lily,

    I think the short answer is that it is possible for a non-admin to run an export actions. However, in order to have that file saved to a centralized location an API or Anaplan Connect script would be needed. Note, there are some privacy considerations when setting up these shared exports and it is recommended that only administrators be allowed to run them. Including a link to documentation private vs. shared exports:

    When an export is manually triggered within the model, it will automatically download the file and save the file based on the user's browser settings (typically a downloads folder on the local computer).

    Hope this helps!