Counting cards in UX Page


Hello All,

Curious to see if there is a way to see how many cards an indivudal UX page (Board, Worksheet or Report) contains within it. I was trying to duplicate an app, but couldn't because the app contained over 6000 cards and I would like to see which pages have the most cards.

If there isn't a way currently, could we please look into it in the future (To place into settings or somewhere similar), as I feel like it could be really useful.




  • Hello @Luke_Vacca ,

    First of all, thank you for the post as this is something I had not encountered before.

    While I wait for the community to provide any answers, could I suggest you to go towards ideas and create an idea there sharing an screenshot of the error that you have received?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hello @BrunoRodriguez

    Here is a screenshot of the error I'm facing (First Attached Image). I was aware that this limit existed and am looking at other ways to get around this issue.

    More so having a place in settings or in info where the number of cards is displayed would be something I'd liek to see in future for Anaplan. Eg: See second attached image. Could place number of cards above updated date.

  • Hello @Luke_Vacca ,

    Thank you very much for the image. Please go to and post the need for it. If you struggle to do it, please let me know and I will post it myself as it seems something important for certain users.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • let me check.