Why am i getting this when trying to import to a ticked production data (numbered) list?


"Deployed Mode is enabled for this model. You do not have permission to change structural data."

it is ticked production data and i am just importing data to it, only 2 fields. I am the builder and have FULL access to everything

I am not changing structure i am importing data


  • @DeveloperCYT

    Yep, I have seen this as well. In order to get around it, refresh the URL, meaning go up to URL address on your browser and hit enter. Another way is to log out and log back in, but really just refresh the URL.

  • Sadly that has not worked. I have manually copied and pasted 200 records into the list now.
    Very annoying.

  • Hello @DeveloperCYT ,

    The only thing I found was this link where the author suggested creating an action in a dashboard and running it from there. I guess that did not work either?

    Sorry about the 200 cells….

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hello @DeveloperCYT,

    Can you check that the list is set as PROD in the DEV environment? It could be that you are trying to import into the PROD model something that is structural.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • I am not importing to the PROD model at all yet, just importing into a 'production data' list in the DEV model.