Mass upload into Deployed Model


I'm in need to change the user-editable values en masse in a module in a model that's in Deployed mode. The module is dimensionalized by a production list, and the two lines in question are simply user-input quantities. 


I've created the import action in Dev and rolled that into Production so I can run the same action, and that allows me to see the import action & mapping, however I get the message "Deployed Mode is enabled for this model. You do not have permission to change structural data." I'm not adding to the production list. I'm probably missing something basic here - what's the practice for this?

Best Answer

  • Darin_Seibel

    For anyone running into this in the future, the fix is:

    1. Publish the process to an 'Admin' or similarly-named (classic ux) dashboard in Dev
    2. Synch Dev to Prod
    3. You can now run the process in Prod from the 'Admin' dash