New option: CW process on User Experience action cards?


Hi all, I noticed today that there is a new option in the CW process editing menu: "Make this available on User Experience action cards". I couldn't find any instructions on this field in Anapedia. When I set it to TRUE, nothing changed: I couldn't find it in the list of available processes on the NUX action card (the pages were linked to the same model as the CW process).
What is the purpose of this new option?


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  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hi @golosov - this was part of the March releases and I beleive one intended purpose is to allow end users to trigger ad-hoc imports from external connections (AWS, Azure, Google) without admin intevention or access to CloudWorks.

    I have observed the same as you that selecting the indicator in CloudWorks does not impact the available UX page actions. Perhaps this is a stairstep release with the linkage to UX pages coming in future releases? Given the lack of documentation in Anapedia, it would see that this may not be fully functional yet.

    When I read about this in the release notes, my immediate question was how will this work with ALM when you have multiple source models tied to the same page. A CloudWorks integrations setup, is configured to call a specific model so any action linked to a UX page would not flex based on selected source model.

  • AshwinK
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    Hello all,

    This was a recent capability that we launched. By assigning integrations to be available on the UX dashboard in Cloudworks,
    1. Page builders can configure dashboards with button actions that can trigger Cloudworks integrations
    2. End-users can trigger Cloudworks integrations through the aforementioned button created by their Page Builders

    More details here:


  • Dear @Tiffany.Rice,
    Right now we can only guess. I hope that the CW action will be displayed only for the corresponding model in NUX.
    Anyway, the idea is good when it comes to integration with external sources. For integration between models it is easier to use classic actions.

  • And I think that you've got to be setup as an Integration User or "restricted one" per the Admin settings.

  • Thanks @AshwinK! Confirming I now CloudWorks Integrations as part of the action card configuration menu.