How do I have a different summary method for a single line item?


I have three line items: budget, reforecast, and variance. My dimensions are three different lists - type, subtype & quarters. Some of the subtypes for budget and variance need to be sums and others are closing balance. What would be the most efficient way to do this?


  • Hello @wld002 ,

    1. Create line items with as many summary methods as required.
    2. Create a system module for the list that requires the different summaries with line items named as the summaries. Use booleans on each of them to define which items are meant to behave in which way.
    3. Use an IF statement in the original model to define what line item is meant to take based on the booleans.
    4. Use formula as summary in that line item.

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hi @wld002

    Create lists hierarchy for Subtypes and then try to give summery